Give something to someone – Đưa cái gì đó cho ai đó

If you “give something to someone”, you provide them with that thing. “He gave us some money.”

Give up – bỏ cuộc

If you “give up”, you stop doing something, often because it’s too difficult.

“I tried to complete the puzzle but it was too difficult so I gave up .”

Give someone a ring / give someone a call – Gọi cho ai đó

If you “give someone a call”, you telephone them or call them with a mobile.

“I gave her a call, but she didn’t answer.”

Give back – Trả lại

If you “give something back” to someone, you return it to them.

“I gave her back the money she lent me.”

Give someone a lift – cho ai đó đi nhờ

To take someone in your car.

“She gave me a lift to the train station.”

Give in – Nhượng bộ

If you “give in”, you stop fighting and admit that you’re defeated.

“They gave in because the enemy forces were too strong.”

Give someone the kiss of life / give someone mouth- to-mouth resuscitation – Hô hấp nhân tạo

To breathe air into someone’s mouth after they have lost consciousness.

“She gave him the kiss of life.”

Give out – Đưa ra

If you “give out” copies of something (for example), you hand each person a copy of that thing.

“She gave out the papers so everyone had a copy.”

Give an idea – Đưa ra một ý tưởng

If someone gives you an idea, they help you think of an idea.

“You’ve just given me a good idea.”

Give away – Cho đi

If you “give something away”, you give it to someone without asking for anything in return.

“She gave away all her money.”

Give a shock – Choáng

If something gives you a shock, it surprises or frightens you.

“You gave me a shock when you did that.”

Give off – Tỏa ra

If a liquid (for example) “gives off” a smell, it produces that smell.

“The gas was giving off an unusual smell.”

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