When was the last time you got angry? Here are six types of rage that you might have experienced.

Road rage

Definition: violent aggressive behaviour while driving.

Example: In 2010, 27-year-old Dwayne Derks was arrested in Little Rock (Arkansas) after shooting at another driver with a crossbow.

Derks had chased the driver for over 10 kilometres after being cut up in heavy traffic. The arrow went through the rear window and fortunately missed the driver.

Car park rage

Definition: extreme anger caused by the stress of looking for a parking space.

Example: In 2011, Don Sharp was arrested after stabbing a driver in a fight over a parking space. The argument escalated after Colin Jackson (32) threatened Sharp with a firearm. Following that, Sharp (61), grabbed a knife and stabbed Jackson.

Wrap rage

Definition: extreme anger caused by an inability to open a package.

Example: In 2009, the ambulance services were called out to deal with a 32-year-old man who had severed an artery with a large knife while he was trying to remove a light bulb from its molded plastic packaging.

Vending machine rage

Definition: extreme anger directed at a vending machine.

Example: In 2004, Colin Snoop was arrested after smashing up a vending machine with a baseball bat. “I’d put in the money for a bar of chocolate but it just wouldn’t drop, and no amount of shaking would make it come down. I hadn’t eaten all day so I was really hungry,” he told reporters as he was being led away by police.

Sports rage

Definition: extreme anger caused while watching a sports game.

Example: On 15th June 2011, Canadian sports fans went on the rampage in downtown Vancouver after the Vancouver Canucks lost to the Boston Bruins during the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. In total, 140 people were injured, four people were stabbed, nine police officers were hurt and 101 people were arrested, with 16 further arrests following the event.

Air rage

Definition: violent behavior on a plane.

Example: In January 2014, Jenny Lauren (the niece of designer Ralph Lauren) was arrested in a drunken air rage incident on a plane on route to New York City from Barcelona (Spain). As a result of the incident, the plane was forced to divert to Ireland, eventually landing in Shannon Airport. Lauren, 41, was arrested and later appeared in court charged with being drunk and abusive on a plane. During the incident, Lauren apparently told a female cabin crew member that she was “ugly”; when the pilot intervened, Lauren turned on him too. Jenny Lauren denies the charges.

Stay calm… if you can!

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