“I wonder why coffee tastes so good when you’re naked with your family.”

What is this? Actually it’s the text from a Japanese advert for coffee And if’s a fine example of the new form of English known as “Engrish”.

English is cool

Have you ever bought a T-shirt with some foreign-language writing on it? A few French words perhaps? Some attractive but meaningless Chinese writing? In Japan, it’s really typical to buy products with English words on them. In fact, English phrases have long appeared in Japanese advertising and product design. They are apparently there only to make products and services look cool to the Japanese public. But the funny thing is most of the words or expressions don’t really make much sense. And now they’ve come up with a word to describe this new form of written English: “Engrish’:

English is “Engrish”

“Engrish” can be defined as the incorrect English that appears in Japanese dvertising and on products. While the term may refer to spoken English, it is more often used to describe written English. “Engrish” has been found on everything, including poorly-translated signs, menus, instruction manuals and advertisements, and strange T-shirt slogans. So, why is it known as “Engrish”? Well, the term originates from the fact that the Japanese do not have separate sounds for the letters “R” and “L”. So, native Japanese speakers who aren’t fluent in English often mispronounce English words containing the letters “R” and “L~ For example, instead of saying “rice~ they may say “lice”; and instead of saying “like”, they may say”rike~

Video Game Engrish

There are basically two types of”Engrish”: misspelled or grammatically-incorrect instructions (often found in instruction manuals and video games); and illogical combinations of words (often found in advertising or on T-shirts). Most of the video game examples are the result of poor Japanese-to-English translations. Here are a few memorable “Engrish” phrases from video games:


01 Engrish: All your base are

belong to us.

Correct: All your bases

belong to us.

bl Engrish: I feel asleep.

Correct: I feel tired/ sleepy.

cl Engrish: You fail it.

Correct: You fail.

dl Engrish: Victoly.

Correct: Victory.

  1. e) Engrish: Entry your name.

Correct: Enter your name.

1) Engrish: A winner is you!

Correct: You win!

91 Engrish: This guy are sick.

Correct: These guys are sick

/ This guy is sick.

‘do”ot of thing

Advertising & T-Shirt


And here are some examples

of Engrish from T-shirts and


01 From a cooling fan: Going

faster is the system job.

bl On a packet of chopsticks:

Please to try your nice

Chinese food with

chopsticks the traditional

and typical of Chinese

glorious history and cultual.

cl an a T-shirt: I do a lot of thing.

dl On a T-shirt: My boyfriend

out of tow.

  1. e) On a T-shirt: Spank on me.

1) On a T-shirt: Modesty does

not here.

9) On a car: Outlaw excellent

company big sedan.

So, would you like to

learn “Engrish”?

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