“There was ice on the road and it was really slippery.”

If the ground is slippery, it is smooth and icy or wet and it is difficult to walk on.

“The roads often get flooded when it rains heavily.”

If roads are “flooded”, they are covered in water because of heavy rain.

“We got caught in the thunderstorm on the way home.”

If you “get caught” in bad weather, you are surprised by the bad weather.

“It was scorching hot and the sweat was pouring off me.”

If it is “scorching hot”, it is very, very hot.

“The fog was so thick I couldn’t see my hand in front of me.”

If fog is “thick”, it is very dense and it is difficult to see through it.

There was a gentle breeze on the beach.

A “breeze” is a very light wind.

“We had to sit in the shade because it was so hot.”

The “shade” is an area that is protected from the sun (often by trees or buildings).

“The weather keeps chopping and changing.”

If something keeps “chopping and changing”, it changes very much and frequently.

“There were a few light showers in the afternoon.”

A “shower” is a short period of rain (often light rain).

The sky was grey and overcast.

If the sky is “overcast”, it is completely  covered by clouds.

It was pouring down with rain.

If it is “pouring down”, it is raining very heavily.

“I got soaked in the downpour.”

If you get “soaked”, you become very wet.

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