Little Red Riding Hood had been busy making Grandma a cape for her birthday. It was the colour of plums, with embroidery all around the hood.

Today, she was going to deliver it, but Grandma lived on the other side of Bramble Woods, so Little Red had to walk past Big Bad Wolf’s den to get there. As she folded up the cape, she shuddered at the thought of what had happened last time she met the wolf.

Just then her mum walked in. “Hello, dear. I got Grandma a birthday cake from Ginger’s Bakery. Can you take it? Are you sure you’ll be okay?”

“Of course,” said Little Red.

“And you promise you won’t stray from the path?”

“I promise, Mum!” “

Because we all remember what happened last time…”

“Please, don’t remind me. Besides, I got some good advice from my friends as well as you. This time, I’m going to make sure I follow it.”

Little Red tucked a mysterious extra package in her basket and filled her pockets with something from the drawer. “Don’t worry, Mum. I’ve got it all planned out. See you later!”

Little Red set off across Storyland’s town square and into Bramble Woods. She hadn’t been on the path for long when the wily old wolf picked up the scent of Little Red and yummy birthday cake mingling in the air. He licked his lips and lay in waiting.

Off the path, deep in the woods, Little Red spotted some flowers. “Grandma will love them!” she thought

She was just about to stray from the path to pick the flowers when she remembered the good advice Hansel and Gretel had given her: “Always remember to leave a trail.”

She pulled handfuls of white pebbles out of her pockets and dropped them behind her, then she picked a big bouquet. Thanks to the pebbles, she found the path again easily.

Soon she saw Big Bad Wolf’s den up ahead. Little Red’s knees began to tremble, but then she remembered her second piece of good advice – this time from Tom Thumb: “Don’t be afraid of how big he is. You might be small, but you’re smart too.”

As Little Red strode boldly towards the Big Bad Wolf’s den, he pounced.

He looked even bigger and badder than she recalled.

“What a lovely bouquet. Visiting dear old Granny again? You must be tired. Care for a cup of tea in my den?” he asked in his most charming voice.

Little Red knew better than to be charmed by a wolf. She remembered her third piece of good advice, which came from the Three Little Pigs: “Never give in to your enemy!”

So she answered, “No, not by the freckles on my chinny chin chin!”

The wolf looked shocked. Before he could work out what to do, Little Red used her fourth piece of good advice, which had helped Puss in Boots when he faced an ogre: “Distract him by getting him to show off.”

She took the mysterious extra package out of her basket. It was a gigantic cake she had baked herself. “My, what big teeth you have, Mr Wolf. I bet you can’t fit them around this cake. It will go perfectly with your tea.”

Of course, the greedy wolf couldn’t resist food or a challenge. He took a huge bite of the cake, but it was so rubbery, it glued his teeth together – and when he finally swallowed it, it was so heavy in his stomach, he couldn’t move.

Little Red smiled at her gooey, gluey cake trick and remembered her fifth and final piece of good advice from the Gingerbread Man. “Time for me to run, run as fast as I can!” she said. She sprinted all the way to Grandma’s cottage while the wolf chewed and grumbled and tried to unstick his teeth.

Grandma was delighted to see her. “Thank goodness you got here safely.”

Little Red smiled. “That’s because, this time, I listened to everyone’s good advice.” She gave Grandma her bouquet of wild flowers and her plum cape, and they both enjoyed a scrumptious slice of birthday cake.

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